Chania, Greece


Soul Kitchen, a new place especially for meat lovers, is situated in the listed building on Sarpidonos street in the historic center of Chania, Crete. The central idea was the representation of a butcher shop with the design intention of a scenographic vibe. The butcher shop equipment and decorative elements with references to charcuteries, placed in various areas of the space, create unique spatial qualities. The open kitchen, metal and wooden custom structures and lighting work as advocates of the formation of a space as a single concept, with morphological and stylistic tensions both inside and outside the building. We designed and built the seating area on the upper floor of the restaurant, the lighting fixtures in the seating area of the upper floor, the lighting fixture and the ground floor rotunda, the benches and low seating elements, the exterior lighting fixtures, the banners from burlap which bear the graphics of one of the two entrances, as well as the showcase piece of furniture with design references to a butcher shop refrigerator.

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